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Qualified Retirement Plans

Net Worth Advisors believes that the ultimate value of any benefit program is measured by employee perception.

That is particularly trueónow more than everóof employer-sponsored retirement plans. Whether conditions are bullish or bearlike, our proactive customer service commitment, plan design knowledge and support, investment review process, and relentless dedication to employee education will help your employees plan for a successful retirement.

If any of the following are missing from your current program, please call the qualified team at Net Worth Advisors...

  • an annual review of your plan design to help ensure your compliance with regulations and discussion of plan design opportunities brought about by recent legislation.
  • a quarterly analysis of your investment vehicle(s) to evaluate performance compared to peer group and benchmark index results
  • an annual breakdown of your plan expenses along with a discussion of y our customer service needs for the upcoming year
  • on-sight participant education and individual enrollments
  • on-sight seminars to communicate the value of your retirement plan and to give participants the tools they need to plan for a successful retirement.

The bottom line is that there are three basic things that differentiate products in the retirement plan businessóprice, investment quality, and bells & whistles. However, it is the partner you select to help you navigate that market place who will determine whether your plan is truly a benefit to participants or just another well-intentioned benefit plan that has become an entitlement.